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Middle Ages through the U.S. Constitution

34 Forms

General Social Study Forms

Timeline Notebook

Timeline Rubric

Timeline Character Blank Forms

Timeline Notebook Period Dividers

Two Page Spread Timeline Book Pages

Timeline Form


Missionary Report

Missionary Mini-bio forms

Oral History Report

Blank Storyboard

Children of Today Comparison with Another Time Frame

Historical Event Report

Historical Costume Rubric

Historical Character Report

Generic Culture Summary

Timeline Labels

Biography Form


State Quick Facts Sheet

State Information and Comparison Sheets

Countries Around the World Quick Facts

Countries Information and Comparison Sheets

West Virginia State Map

West Virginia Counties Information and Comparison Worksheets

American History

American Civil War

Pre-Civil War North and South Differences Chart

Abraham Lincoln Symmetry Sheet

North and South Assets During the Civil War Graph

Civil War Causalities Graph

Civil War Copy Work for Notebooks


World War I

Development of Gas Warfare Mask Shapebook

WW1 Paper Doll Soldier


The Great Depression

Great Depression Investigation Report

New Deal Alphabet Soup Matching Pocket

Depression Pastimes Radio Shape Book

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