Creation to the Fall of Rome


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(The following organization of forms is based on Tapestry of Grace Year 1.  Even though we never used Tapestry of Grace Year 1, we did study Ancient History before proceeding into Year 2.  Due to popular request, I have organized them in the same manner that I had organized Middle Ages through Renaissance Study - by the topics and weeks of Tapestry of Grace.  However, regardless of the curriculum you use, you will find they study aids and websites helpful for this historical time frame.)


The aids on this site are intended to serve those who may need them, but are in no way required for the "Tapestry of Grace" curriculum.  The name "Tapestry of Grace Year 1" is used with the author's permission.


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 Unit 1- The Book of Moses - Week 1 (Egypt),  Week 2 (Pharaohs and Pyramids), Week 3 (Egyptian Religion), Week 4 (Creation through Noah), Week 5 (Babel to Ur), Week 6 (Patriarchs), Week 7 (Tabernacle and Law), Week 8 (Worshiping God), Week 9 (Slaves to Warriors)

Unit 2 - Ancient Governments - Week 10 (Indus Valley), Week 11 (Ancient China), Week 12 (Ancient America), Week 13 (Early Greeks), Week 14 (Early Greeks' Culture), Week 15 (Hebrew Conquest and Settlement), Week 16 (Judges), Week 17 (Saul), Week 18 (David)

Unit 3 - Preparing the World for a Savior - Week 19 (Solomon), Week 20 (The Divided Kingdom), Week 21 (Assyrians), Week 22 (Chaldeans and Babylonians), Week 23 (Medes and Persians), Week 24 (Greeks and Persians), Week 25 (Golden Age of Greece), Week 26 (Greek Achievements). Week 27 (Alexander the Great)

Unit 4 - Fullness of Time - Week 28 (Etruscans), Week 29 (Roman Culture), Week 30 (Roman Republic), Week 31 (Julius Caesar), Week 32 (Imperial Rome and the Rise of the Early Church), Week 33 (Kingdom of God), Week 34 (Saints and Martyrs), Week 35 (Constantine), Week 36 (Fall of Rome)

180 Forms


Unit 1:  The Book of Moses

Week 1:  Egypt (The Gift of the Nile)

Egyptian Bible Scavenger Hunt

Egyptian Culture Graphic

The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw Essay and Tests

The Egyptian Cinderella retold by Shirley Climo - Vocabulary, Essay, and Tests

Egyptian Comparison and Contrast Chart

Egypt Information Cards

Map of Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Vocabulary Sheet

Crossword Puzzle

Cartouche Pattern

Music in Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Science and Technology Sheet

Egyptian clothing drawing or paper dolls (caution - true to life and unsuitable for some)
(Another Site)

Contributions of Egypt

Sinet on Internet       

(Another Site)

Archaeology Digs

Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages

(Another Site)

Ancient Egypt Clipart
(Another Site)

Egyptian Art Unit

(Another Site)

Sphinx Paper Toy
(Another Site)

Sketching Name in Hieroglyphics Activity
(Another Site)

Ancient Egyptian Coloring Book

(Another Site - Wonderful)



Week 2:  Egypt (Pharaohs and Pyramids)

Hatshepsut: His Majesty, Herself by Catherine M. Andronik- Vocabulary, Essay, and Tests (divided into two weeks)

Tut's Mummy: Lost and Found! By Judy Donnelly - Vocabulary, Essay, and Tests

Cleopatra or Hatshepsut bio summary

Pharaoh Shape Book

Egyptian Princess Shape Book

Pyramid Shape Book

Falcon Necklace Pattern

Ramses II sculpture

Build a Pharaoh Craft
(Another Site)

Week 3:  Egypt (Egyptian Polytheism and the Judgment of God)

Ten Plagues and Defeat of Egyptian Gods

Ten Plagues Mini-book

Test on Ancient Egypt
(Upper Level)

Test on Ancient Egypt
(Lower level)

Clickable Mummy
(Another Site)

Pharaoh's Tomb Interactive Discovery
(Another Site)

Creating Canopic Jars

(Another Site)

Life Size Mummy Case Craft
(Another Site)

Miniature Mummy Case and Mummy Craft
(Another Site)

Mummy Case Drawing
(Another Site)



Week 4:  Creation through Noah

The Dreamer by Cynthia Rylant - Vocabulary, Essays, and Tests

What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? by John Morris and Ken Ham - Vocabulary, Essays, and Tests

Life in the Great Ice Age by Michael and Beverly Oard - Vocabulary, Essays, and Tests

Noah's Ark and the Ararat Adventure by John D. Morris - Vocabulary, Essays, and Tests

Adam and His Kin by Ruth Beechick - Vocabulary, Essays, and Tests

Storyboard of the story of Adam and Eve and the Fall

Art Review on Cave Art


Prehistory Information Cards

Coloring Sheet for Prehistory Divider page for History Notebook

Descendants of Adam Graph

Comparison of Adam and Jesus

Prehistory Test
 with Answer Key

Adam and Eve Coloring Sheet
(Another Site)

Prehistory Clipart
(Another Site)

Descendants of Noah Information
(Another Site)

Great Dinosaur Mystery Movie On-line
(Another Site)

All About Dinosaurs
(Enchanted Learning Site)


Week 5: Babel To Ur : Early History of Mesopotamia 

Ishtar and Tammuz: A Babylonian Myth of the Seasons retold by Christopher Moore - Vocabulary, Essays, and Tests

He Who Saw Everything: The Epic of Gilgamesh retold by Anita Feagles - Vocabulary, Essays, and Tests

Comparison of False Religious Practices of Mesopotamia

Culture graphic of Sumeria

Comparison of Ancient Mesopotamian Gender Roles

Ziggurat shape book

Comparison of Ancient Mesopotamian and Modern Education

Ancient Mesopotamia Information Cards

Coloring sheet on Ancient Sumeria with information summary

Map of Ancient Mesopotamia

Contributions of Ancient Mesopotamia

Epic of Gilgamesh On-line

(Another Site)

Mesopotamia Test

Cuneiform Writing

(Type in your name and see it in cuneiform - Another site)

Great Information on the Tower of Babel

(Another Site)




Week 6:  The Patriarchs: From Ur to Egypt

Abraham Scavenger Hunt

Comparison of Abraham to Christians today chart

Jointed Joseph

Twelve Tribes of Israel Chart

Patriarchs Worksheet


Week 7:   In The Wilderness: the Tabernacle and the Law

Picture review of Egyptian wall painting of the Hebrews

Clean and Unclean Foods Worksheet

Hebrew Time Periods Worksheet

Religious Laws Chart

General Laws Chart

Tabernacle Furnishings Worksheet

Hebrew Information Cards

Hebrew Holidays Chart

Israel culture graphic

Priestly Garments Worksheet

Scroll Shape book

Scrapbook page of the Ten Commandments or Mini-book

Week 8:   In The Wilderness: Holiness: Worshipping God as God

Jewish and Christian faith comparison

Biblical Music Sheet

Seder Meal Planning Outline
(Another Site)

Week 9:  In The Wilderness: Slaves to Warriors

Map of Israel

Ancient Hebrew Test


Unit 2: Ancient Governments (All Governments are Established by God)

Week 10:  The Indus Valley

India Information Cards

Taj Mahal Shape book

India Paper doll
(Another Site)

Indian Painting

Elephant painting

Map of India

Early European Explorers in Africa

Egyptian painting of Ancient African Tribesmen

Tuareg coloring sheet


Zulas coloring sheet

African Paper dolls
(Another Site)

Map of Africa

Camel Shape Book

(Another Site)



Week 11:  Ancient China

Asian Country Graphic

China Dynasty Charts

Communist Versus Freedom Chart

Asia Gate Shape Book

Buddha Shape Book

Asia Information Cards

Paper doll of an Asian Girl
(Another Site)

Chinese Dragon

(Another site - use as a coloring sheet or graphic)

Write Chinese Numbers
(Another Site)

Counting in Chinese Worksheet
(Another Site)



Week 12:  Ancient America

Inuit Report



Week 13:  Early Greeks: Cycladic, Minoan, Mycenaean, and Trojan Cultures

Culture of the Minoans

Culture of the Mycenaeans

Minoan and Mycenaean Comparison and Contrast

Sculpture analysis on Mycenaean mask

Picture analysis on Ancient Minoan Art


Week 14:  Early Greeks: Everyday Life, Religion, and Mythology

Greek Bible Search

Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses

Greek Information Cards

Culture of the Greeks

Greek Roles


Map of Ancient Greece



Week 15:  Conquest and Settlement: Joshua, Canaanites, and   Early Judges

Culture graphic of Canaan

Hebrew Alphabet Worksheets
(Another Site)

Hebrew Alphabet and Pronunciation
(Another Site)

Week 16:  Judges, Samuel, and Neighboring Cultures

The Hittite Warrior - Essays and Tests

Culture graphic of Hittites

Samuel's Call Coloring Sheet
(Another Site)

Week 17: The Last Judges, the Rise of Saul, and the Philistines




Week 18:  David, Shepherd of Israel & the Phoenicians

Phoenician Culture Graphic



Unit 3:  Preparing the World for a Savior

Week 19:  Solomon: A Heart Divided

Hebrew Kings Chart

Hebrew Temples Comparison


Week 20:  The Divided Kingdom

Map of the Divided Kingdom



Week 21:  The Assyrian Scourge: The Northern Kingdom Deported

Culture graphic of Assyria

Assyria Information
(Another Site)


Week 22:  The Chaldeans (Neo-Babylonians) & the Babylonian Captivity

Daniel's Prophecy of Nebuchadnezzar's Dream Flip book

Questions from the Book of Daniel

Architectural analysis of the Hanging Gardens

Bible verses on witchcraft

Culture graphic of Babylonia

Coloring sheet on the Winged Bull with summary

Ancient Babylonian Clipart
(Another Site)

Hammurabi's Code Comparison

Code of Hammurabi On-line
(Another Site)

Week 23:  Medes and Persians: The Israelites Return Home

Culture graphic of Persia

Questions from the Book of Esther

Ancient Mesopotamian Kings Found in Scriptures

Purim Activities
(Another Site)

Purim Play Coloring Sheets to create your own book
(Another Site)


Week 24:  Greeks and Persians: The Persian Wars

Greek Battles

Pericles Shape book

Trojan Horse Shape Book

Ancient Greece Clipart
(Another Site)



Week 25:  The Golden Age of Greece: Peloponnesian Wars

Parthenon Shape Book

Athens and Sparta Comparison

Grecian Urn Shape Book

Aesop's Fables

Greek Governments Comparison

Sculpture analysis on Greek Sculpture - Artemis the Huntress


Greek Mythology Coloring Pages
(Another Site)

Famous Men of Greece On-Line
(Another Site)

Week 26:  Greek Achievements

Greek Scientists

Greek Philosophers

Greek Column Pockets

Greek Writing Worksheet
(Another Site)

On-line Greek Folk Tales
(Another Site)


Week 27:  Alexander the Great: Preparation for Proclamation

Alexander the Great Paper dolls
(Another Site)

Alexander the Great Shape Book

Test on Greece

Unit 4:  The Fullness of Time

Week 28:  Etruscans and the Founding of Rome

Etruscan painting Review

Culture of the Etruscans

Roman Writing Sheet

Map of Rome

Etruscan Art
(Another Site)


Week 29:  The Roman Republic: Everyday Life

Culture of the Romans

Roman Women and American Women Comparison

Roman Information Cards

The Roman Calendar Quiz

Roman Research Cards

Rome Bible Search

Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses

Roman Proverbs

Ancient Rome Coloring Page
(Another Site)

Bulfinch's Mythology On-Line
(Another Site)

Ancient Rome Clipart
(Another Site)


Week 30:  The Roman Republic Expands: The Punic Wars

Roman Republic

Roman Emperor Report

Roman Armor

Roman Soldier Head Shape Book

Roman Soldier Shape Book

Hannibal's Crossing of the Alps Information
(Another Site)

Hadrian Paper Doll

(Another Site)



Week 31:  The Ancient Celts, Julius Caesar, and the Gallic Wars

Cleopatra by Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema - Vocabulary, Essays, and Tests

Pantheon Shape Book

Roman Male Head Shape Book

Week 32:  More on Imperial Rome & the Rise of the Early Church

Prophecies and Fulfillment of Christ

Timeline of Christ

Four Gospels Comparison

Miracles of Jesus'

Parables of Jesus'

Art Review of the painting by Titian "Christ before Pilate"

Art Review of the painting by Andrea Mantegna "Dead Christ"

Paul's Resume
(Another Site)

Seven Churches of Asia

Apostles of Christ

Art review of earliest Christian sketch of Peter and Paul

The Book of Acts Summary

Week 33:  The Kingdom of God

Symbols of the Early Catacombs
(Another Site)

The Epistolary Form in the Greco-Roman World
(Another Site)

What Did Early Christians Believe about Instrumental Music?
(Another Site)

What Did Early Christians Believe about Baptism?
(Another Site)

What Did Early Christians Believe about the Day of Worship?
(Another Site)

What Did Early Christians Believe about the Lord's Supper?  (Another Site)

The Story of the Church Outline
(Another Site)

The Church

Church Worship Comparisons

Architectural analysis of an Early House Church of Dura-Eurpias

Sculptural analysis of the Relief from the Arch of Titus


Week 34:  Saints and Martyrs

Perpetua and Felicitas
(Another Site)

Apostolic Church Fathers

Apologists and Theologians

Notable Scientific Theologians

The Christians as the Romans Saw Them

(Another Site)

Test on Early Church

Week 35:  In This Sign Conquer: Constantine

Marcion Infiltration
(Another Site)

Christianity Divided 

Constantine Historical Character Report

Week 36:  The Fall of Rome

Spread of Western Civilization Map

Bishop Leo of Rome Historical Character Report

Attila the Hun Historical Character Report


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