Fall of Rome to the United States Constitution


Forms I've Developed to Accompany Our Study in

Tapestry of Grace Year 2 but would work with any study of history.

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The aids on this site are intended to serve those who may need them, but are in no way required for the "Tapestry of Grace" curriculum.  The name "Tapestry of Grace Year 2" is

used with the author's permission.


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Planning Sheets

Unit 1: (The Middle Ages), Week 1(Review of the Ancient World) , Week 2 (Byzantine Empire) , Week 3 (Islam), Week 4 (Dark Ages, Monasticism, and Vikings) , Week 5 (Making of Medieval Europe) , Week 6 (Feudalism), Week 7 (Inquisitions and Crusades), Week 8 (Mongols and Marco Polo), Week 9 (Reshaping of Medieval Europe), Week 10 (Gutenberg, Wycliffe, and Hus)

Unit 2: (The Renaissance and Reformation), Week 11(Southern Renaissance),  Week 12& Week 13 (Christopher Columbus and Explorers), Week 14 (Aztecs and Incas), Week 15 (Northern Renaissance), Week 16 (Protestant Reformation in Germany), Week 17 (Protestant Reformation in England), Week 18 (Counter Reformation and the Huguenots), Week 19 (Elizabethan England and the Scottish Reformation)

Unit 3:(Colonial America), Week 20 (Jamestown), Week 21 (Plymouth), Week 22 (Other Early European Settlements), Week 23 (Remaining New England Colonies, Indians, and Age of Reasoning) , Week 24 (Middle Colonies and the Rise of Absolutism), Week 25 (Southern Colonies and Puritan England), Week 26 (Colonial Trade and Indians of Colonial America and Age of Reason II), Week 27 (Everyday Life in the Colonies and the Great Awakening)

Unit 4: (Age of Revolutions), Week 28 (The Northern Colonies), Week 29 (The Mid Atlantic Colonies), Week 30 (The Southern Colonies), Week 31 (French and Indian War), Week 32-34 (American and French Revolutionary Wars), Week 35-36 (U.S. Constitution)

195 Forms


Planning Sheets

Teacher's Planner

Student's Assignment

History Codes - colors of paper for notebooking

Historical Character Form (In Publisher setup for you to edit as you need.)

Historical Character Form in PDF

***Middle Ages Notebook Cover

Bulletin Board/Coloring Sheets on the Medieval Period
(9 forms)

Medieval Field Trip Ideas



                                                 UNIT 1:  THE MIDDLE AGES           

Week 1:  Review of the Ancient World

Timeline Characters

Geography Vocabulary Note Cards (with 3 additional words)

Bishop Leo of Rome Historical Character Report

Attila the Hun Historical Character Report

Constantine Historical Character Report

Week 1 Test

Middle Ages Blank Map

Picture of Autumn's version of a salt map to accompany her geography terms.

***Spread of Western Civilization Map

Week 2:  Byzantine Empire

Timeline Characters

Theodora Mosaic

Illumination Booklet (another website)

Pope Leo Historical Character Report

Vladimir Historical Character Report

Theodora Historical Character Report

Justinian I Historical Character Report

St. Patrick Lapbook Pattern - Cover

St. Patrick Lapbook Pattern - Biography booklet

St. Patrick Lapbook Pattern - Illuminations and Druid Mini-books

St. Patrick Lapbook Pattern - Additional Mini-books

St. Patrick Lapbook Pattern - Celtic Cross Mini-book

St. Patrick Lapbook Pattern - Legends and Timeline

St. Patrick Lapbook Pattern - Clipart

St. Patrick Lapbook Pattern - Map of Ireland Missions

St. Patrick Interactive Fact Book

(Another Website)

St. Patrick List of Blessings (Another Website)

St. Patrick's Writings (Another Website)

Illumination Narrative

Autumn's St. Patrick Lapbook

Picture of Autumn's Mosaic Art Project

Sophia Hagia Scrapbook Page

Illumination Blank Form to Use for Booklet

Week 2 Test

Irish Blessings

(Another Site)

Mosaic Art Lesson

(Another Site)

Crayon Resist Illumination

(Another Site)

***Medieval Empires of
 800 A. D. Map



Week 3:  Rise of Islam

Timeline Characters

Mohammed Historical Character Report

Map of Islam Today (Another Site)

Comparison of Three Religions Descending from Abraham

Islam: The Faith and the People Investigative Questions

Islam Quiz

Islam Geometric Art Design Coloring Sheet

Taj Mahal Pattern for shape book or coloring sheet

Islam Notes

Taj Mahal Scrapbook Page

Autumn's Drawing of a Mosque

Basic Islam Beliefs

(Another Site)

Islamic Art Tile Print

(Another Site)

***How Islam Spread

***Moslem Contributions

***Cradles of Religion Map



Week 4:  Dark Ages, Monasticism, and the Vikings

Timeline Characters

Viking Ship Coloring Sheet and Narrative

Viking Culture Sheet

Leif Erickson Biography

Gregory the Great Historical Character Report

Augustine of Kent Historical Character Report

***Charles Martel Character Report

***Pepin Character Report

***Rollo Character Report

***Eric the Red Character Report

***Leif the Lucky Character Report

***Barbarian Invasions Map

Saint Benedict Historical Character Report

Clovis Historical Character Report

Viking Ship Model Pattern (Another site)

Viking Runes Alphabet

Viking Map of the World

Viking Brooch Art

(Another Site)

Viking Farm Virtual Tour

(Another Site)

Viking Explorations Information (another site)

Viking Classroom Activities

(Another Site)

Viking Online Games

(Another Site)

Viking Ship Popup - Great for lapbooks

(Another Site)

Week 5:  Making of Medieval Europe

Horse Collar Invention Narrative

Medieval Cookbook Booklet

Knight's Armor Worksheet

Medieval Weapons 1

(Another Site)

Medieval Weapons 2

(Another Site)

Knight Clothespin Models

(Another Site)

Medieval Armour

(Another Site)

Medieval Helmet Craft

(Another Site)

Trifold Becoming a Knight Booklet

The Pope Versus the King Venn Diagram

Knight Coloring Sheet

(Another Site)

Medieval Kitchen Coloring Sheet

(Another Site)

Medieval Banquet Hall Coloring Sheet

(Another Site)

Timeline Characters

Charlemagne Historical Character Report

Alfred the Great Historical Character Report

***Louis the Pious Character Report

***Charles the Bald Character Report

***Louis the German Character Report

***Lothair Character Report

***Henry the Fowler Character Report

***Alciun Character Report

Medieval Costume Creating Tips

(Another Site)

 Women's Costume Tips

(Another Site)

Men's Costume Tips

(Another Site)

Custom directions and tips

(Another Site)

Medieval Recipes

(Another Site)

More Medieval Recipes

(Another Site)

***Medieval People Mini-books

***Types of Castles Booklet

***Magyars Information (Another Site)

Medieval Word Search

***Charlemagne's Castle Coloring Sheet
(Graphic taken from another site and made into a coloring sheet)

Week 6:  Feudalism

At this point of our study, we decided to purchase Amy Pak's wonderful Timeline CD packet to make our timeline items.  I did add to the planning sheets our templates for creating our character sheets and our timeline summaries.  If you wish to purchase Amy's CD, visit her website.  If not, you can still use the templates to add your own Internet researched characters.

***Invention of the Stirrup Narrative

***Feudal Pyramid

***Make a Jester

Castle Coloring Sheets

(Another Site)

Castle Paper Pop-up Booklet

(Another Site)

Castle Creation Patterns

(Another Site)

***Samples of Castle Drawings

(Another Site)

Make a Coat of Arms Shield Software

(Another Site)

***Feudal Booklet

***Otto I Character Report

*** Frederick II Character Report

***William the Conqueror Character Report

Nobles and Serfs Venn Diagram

Medieval Comparison to Modern times


Week 7:  Inquisitions and Crusades

***Stained Glass Window

***Science of Heraldry
(Another Site)

***Friar Comparison Sheet

***Pope's Powers

***Pope Versus King Comparison

***Richard I Character Report

***John I of England Character Report

***Edward I Character Report

***Hugh Capet Character Report

***Philip II Character Report

***Louix IX Character Report

***Philip IV Character Report

***Boniface VIII Character Report

***Bernard of Clairvaux Character Report

***Pope Gregory II Character Report

***Henry IV Character Report

***Francis of Assisi Character Report

***Innocent III Character Report

***Dominic Character Report

***Henry II of England Character Report

***Thomas A Beckett Character Report

Week 8:  Mongols, Marco Polo, and The Far East

***Creating a Mongol hat

(Another Site)

***Marco Polo and Kublai Khan Coloring Sheet (or Graphics)
(Another Site)

***Marco Polo and Mongol Information
(Another Site)

***Khan Empire Map

***Genghis Khan Character Report

***Kublai Khan Character Report

***Marco Polo Character Report

***Silk Road Map
 (Another Site)

***Marco Polo and the Asia's Lost Christians
(Another Site)

***Trade Routes of the Middle Ages

(Another Site)



Week 9:  Reshaping of Medieval Europe

***Joan of Arc Coloring Sheet

(Another Site)

***Joan of Arc Character Report

***Henry Tudor Character Report

***Isabella Character Report

***Ferdinand Character Report

***Robert Bruce Character Report

Week 10:  Early Lights

***Gutenberg Bible Image
(Another Site)

***Downloadable Scrapbook Page on Gutenberg
(Another Site)

***Printing Block Craft Idea

(Another Site)

***Johannes Gutenberg Character Report

***John Wycliffe Character Report

***John Hus Character Report


Week 11:  Southern Renaissance

***Leonardo Da Vinci Paper Dolls
(Another site)

***Michelangelo Paper Dolls

(Another Site)

***Renaissance Art Cards

***Leonardo's Window Art Activity
(Another Site)

***Renaissance Art Lesson

(Another Site)


Week 12 and 13:  Christopher Columbus and Explorers

***Explorer's Report

***Explorer's Copy Work for notebooks

***Reasons Why Explorers Went Exploring

***Spanish Explorers Divider Page

***English Explorers Divider Page

***French Explorers Divider Page

***Portugal Explorers Divider Page

***Inventions That Made Exploration Possible

***Explorer's Flash Cards
(I printed these out using Avery 8577 postcards/index cards, one page at a time - front then back)


***Explorers Test and Answer Key

***Compass Activities

(Another Site)

***Readings from Columbus' Log
(Another Site)

***Explorers Data Summary Form

***Coloring Pages of Columbus
(Another Site)

***Quadrant Project
(Another Site)

***Columbus Day Activities (Includes a cute poem that would be nice for students' notebooks - Another Site)

***The Story of Christopher Columbus (Literature On-line:  Baldwin Project)

***Columbus Map and Ship Models from Enchanted Learning
(Another Site)

Week 14:  Aztecs and Incas

***Aztec Report

***Inca Report

***Mayan Report

***South American Cultures Comparison

***Mayan Jaguar Mask
(Another Site)

***Mesoamerican Mask Project
(Another Site)

***Pre-Columbian Sculpture Art Project
(Another Site)



Week 15:  Northern Renaissance

***Astrolabe model

(Another Site)



Week 16:  Protestant Reformation in Germany

***Idea - Shutter fold mini-book of the four divisions of the reformation as expanded in this site.

***Splits in the Christian Church

(Another Site)

***Reformation Document Packet - Martin Luther  (Another Site)

***Reformation Site with Activity suggestions, questions, and links
(Use for remaining Reformation weeks - Another Site)



Week 17:  Protestant Reformation in England and the Anabaptists

***Theater Comparison

***Drawing idea of William Shakespeare

(Another Site)

***Shakespeare Paper Dolls (Another Site)

***Reformation Document Packet - Anglican

(Another Site)

***Shakespeare's Globe Theater Paper Model

(Another Site


Week 18:  Counter Reformation and Huguenots

***Reformation Document Packet - Counter Reformation
(Another Site)

***Religious Movements Homepage: Huguenots (Another Site)

***Map and Statistics of Fleeing Huguenots
(Another Site)

***Huguenot Cross

(Another Site - use as coloring sheet)

***Council of Trent History

(Another Site)

***Baroque Music
(Another Site)

***Art and Artists of the Baroque Period

(Another Site)

***Windmill Model

(Another Site)

***Printmaking Art Project
(Another Site)

Week 19:  Elizabethan England and the Scottish Reformation

***Reformation Document Packet - John Calvin
(Another Site)

***Works of Elizabeth 1

(Another Site)

(Oodles of information on the time and era - Another site)

***Elizabethan Makeup 101
(Another Site)

***Six Wives of Henry VIII Paper Dolls
(Another Site)

***Coloring Page of Elizabeth I
(Another Site)

***Primary Source - Letters of Henry VIII's wives

(Another Source)




Week 20:  Jamestown

Why They Came

Shipwreck Rescue Stimulation

Establishing a Colony Simulation

Week 21:  Plymouth

First Thanksgiving Menu

First Colonies Quiz

Colonial America Copy Work

Week 22:  Other Early European Settlements

Colonial Settlement Flashcards
(I printed these out using Avery 8577 postcards/index cards, one page at a time - front then back)

Colonial Notes


Week 23:  Remaining New England Colonies, New England Indians, and The Age of Reason

Thomas Paine's booklets in downloadable form
(Another Site)

Patrick Henry's Speech
(Another Site)

Patrick Henry Speech Analysis Form
(Another Site)

Phyllis Wheatley Information
(Another Site)
- and poems

Phyllis Wheatley Bio Sheet Project
(Another Site)

John Locke Bio and Writings (Another Site)

Eighteenth Century Resources
(Another Site)



Week 24:  Middle Colonies and the Rise of Absolutism

Iroquois Report

Indian Population Graph

Indian Population Graph Information and Questions

Indian Copy Work for Notebooks

Native American Map

Mask Form

Indian Diet Comparison

Indian Tribe Report

Indian Diet Comparison

Blank Indian Paper doll Forms



Week 25:  Southern Colonies and Puritan England




Week 26:  Everyday Life in the Colonies (Colonial Trade and Indians) and Age of Reason II

Native American Map

Indian Copy Work for Notebooks

Indian Diet Comparison

Indian Tribe Report

Blank Indian Paper doll Forms

Indian Population Graph

Indian Population Graph Information and Questions

Mask Form


Week 27:  Everyday Life in the Colonies (Other) and the Great Awakening

Graphing Size of Typical Colonial Home



Unit 4:  The Age of Revolutions

Week 28:  The Northern Colonies

Tombstone Minit-Books  
(We used these for the Salem Witchcraft study of those executed for witchcraft, but they would work for any memorial project of those who lost their lives.)

Little Girl Silhouettes Minit-Books
(We used these for the accusing girls in the
Salem witchcraft events, but they could be used for a variety of reasons.)


Week 29:  The Mid Atlantic Colonies

Benjamin Franklin's Almanac Wisdom

Colonial Sign


Week 30:  The Southern Colonies




Week 31:  French and Indian War

Map of the Shawnee Indians

Shawnee Indian Coloring Pages - 9 Pages


Week 32-34:  American Revolutionary War and the French Revolution

Mr. President Simulation (George Washington)

American Revolution Copy Work for Notebooks

Causes of the American Revolutionary War

Boston Massacre Newspaper Article

Benedict Arnold and Judas Comparison

Colonial and British Contrast and Comparison

American Revolution Quotes Matching Pocket



Week 35-36:  The U.S. Constitution

Constitution Book


Constitutional Players Flashcards


Presidential Profile


First Presidential Cabinet




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