Hebrews and the Middle East

Bible: The first five books of the Old Testament

Reading List:

Queen Esther and the Morning Star by Mordicai Gerstein (Elementary)

The Praying Prince by Carine Mackenzie (Elementary)

At the Side of David by Eric Pakulak (Upper Elementary)

Adam and His Kin by Ruth Beechick (upper elementary and high school) - Write a review of this book

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank (upper elementary and high school) - Write narrative

Resource List:

Abeka History Texts

Konos Volume 1 History of the World

Konos Curriculum Volume 1 "Tabernacle"

Heart of Wisdom Adam to Messiah

Nelson's Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Bible edited by John Drane

The Timetables of History by Bernard Grun

The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia

Holman Bible Atlas

Then and Now by Stefani Perring and Dominic Perring, Sections of "The Second Temple" and "Masada"

Abraham Journey of Faith by Tad Szulc, National Geographic December 2001

Afghanistan by Edward Girardet, National Geographic December 2001

World of Islam by Don Belt, National Geographic January 2002

Ancient Ashkelon by Rick Gore, National Geographic January 2001

Dead Black Sea by Randy Olson, National Geographic May 2001

Asia's Last Lions by Mattias Klum, National Geographic June 2001

Writing Assignments:

Research paper on the Divided Kingdom - include causes, regions, names of kings, etc. Include your map of the Divided Kingdom.

Write summary paragraph on the Diaspora.

Write a research paper on the Maccabees. Include how their victories led to the celebration of Hanukah.

Write descriptive paragraph on the Jewish family after watching the movie "Fiddler on the Roof"

Research paper on Islam and its anti-Christina viewpoint.

Table of Contents for this unit for portfolio

Research Graphics and Worksheets:

Patriarchs Worksheet

Article Review on articles from National Geographic listed in resources

Bible Character Sheets for David and King Saul

Clean and Unclean Foods Worksheet

Hebrew Time Periods Worksheet

Religious Laws Chart

General Laws Chart

Twelve Tribes of Israel Chart

Hebrew Information Cards

Hebrew Holidays Chart

Tabernacle Furnishings Worksheet

Priestly Garments Worksheet

Hebrew Woman Shape book (elementary)

Hebrew Man Shape book (elementary)

Scroll Shape book (elementary)

Israel culture graphic (elementary)

Hebrew Temples Comparison

Hebrew Kings Chart

Jewish and Christian faith comparison

Missionary Report on Henry Martyn, Ion-Keith Falconer, James Cantine, and Samuel Zwemer


Covenant, Diaspora, Hanukah, Patriarch, Seder, Sabbath, Torah, Tallit, Decalogue, Northern Kingdom, Southern Kingdom, Talmud, Yiddish, Islam, Muslims, Hegira, Caliphs, Koran, Arabic, Balfour Declaration, Zionists, Holocaust, Mosques


Scrapbook page of the Ten Commandments or Mini-book

Create model of the tabernacle and take a picture for your portfolios

Coloring sheet of a modern priest in a synagogue. Write summary explaining clothing and activities portrayed.

Drawing or paper doll creation of an ancient Israelite wardrobe

Picture review of Egyptian wall painting of the Hebrews.

Review architecture in Then and Now

Divider page for Hebrew section of portfolio


Find and include a picture of a harp that would be more like David would have played and copy your favorite Psalm (song) that David wrote.

Fill in Biblical Music Sheet

What musical changes in worship did David bring to Israel. List those and the instruments introduced. This will take some Bible Research.

Life Skills:

Create a menu and meal of a typical Passover Feast.

Field Trips:

Local synagogue


Fiddler on the Roof



Covered in laws about cleanliness. How do you think this helped maintain health with the Israelites? Sickness was considered a sign of not being right before God? Why do you think that was so?

Timeline Characters/Events:

Joshua, Othniel, Deborah, Gideon, Abimelech, Jephthah, Samuel, David, Solomon, King Saul, Elijah, Elisha, Kingdom of Israel, Kingdom of Judah, Hezekiah, Amos, Hosea, Micah, Ezekiel, Juda Maccabee, Hitler, Mohammad, Anne Frank


Read History text on the Hebrews and outline chapter

Write out questions in review and answer with complete sentences.

Review Bible history from the time period of Moses through the Maccabeen period. Using the Narrated Bible will help in that information about the history between the Testaments are included.


Complete map of Israel, including all land features and major towns.

Do a map of the Divided Kingdom and include with paper on the topic.

Create a map of the Middle East today, locating the current war areas.


Complete the Dead Sea Salinity experiment found in Konos History of the World and complete a science lab report on it.

List contributions of the Middle East to the world.

Math Enrichment:

Create a Hebrew calendar

Games/Physical Education/Other:

Make and play Driedal game (optional)

Culminating Activities:

Ancient Hebrew Test

Organize Notebook section on Hebrew and the Middle East (High school level)

Create Lap book (Elementary Level)



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