Ancient Rome and the King of Kings

Bible: Rome Bible Search- Continue reading a harmony of the Gospels in the Narrated Bible. Make notes in your Scriptures about the Jewish background that explains some of the Scripture as explained in Yeshua

Reading List:

The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare (Upper Elementary and High School) - Write a narrative about the book.

Fountain of Life by Rebecca Martin (Upper Elementary and High School) - Write a narrative about the book. Make an ongoing list of all the Hebrew customs mentioned and how they were carried out.

Joshua: A Parable for Today by Joseph F. Girzone (High School) - Write an analysis of how you think people would react if Jesus had come in our time. Would we have acted in the same fashion as the Jews and the Gentiles of the Roman times?

Cleopatra by Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema (Elementary) - Vocabulary, Essays, and Tests

The Ides of April (Highschool) - Write a narrative

How Would You Survive as an Ancient Roman? By David Salariya (Elementary and highschool.) Fill in a Roman graphic sheet for reading

Resource List:

Abeka History Texts

Heart of Wisdom "The Messiah" unit

The Timetables of History by Bernard Grun

The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of the Bible edited by John Drane

Holman Bible Atlas

Daily Life at the Time of Jesus by Miriam Feinberg Vamosh

Yeshua: A Guide to the Real Jesus and the Original Church by Dr. Ron Moseley

Then and Now by Stefania Perring and Dominic Perring sections of "The Forum," "The Colosseum," "Hadrian's Villa," and "Pompeii"

City by David Macaulay

A Handbook of Bible Customs for Kids, Lamps, Scrolls, and Goatskin Bottles by Julia B. Hans

Writing Assignments:

Retell legend of Romulus and Remus. What does this story tell you about the people?

Comparison/Contrast of Roman and Jewish cultures

Write a diary entry outlining a typical day in a Roman family

Do a report on gladiators

Biography on Flavius Josephus

Report on Hadrian, Roman Emperor

Summary report on Spartacus

Retell the story of Julius Caesar, Antony, Cleopatra, and Octavia. Take note that Octavia is the Caesar Augustus that was in reign during the birth of Jesus. How did he come about that name?

Write a dramatic poem of Hannibal crossing the Alps. Do some research first to know the story.

Comparison contrast between the Pharisees and the Saduccees

Make a list of modern day heroes (often called idols). How do they compare to Christ? How accurate is it to call them "idols"? What does God say about idols? How should young Christians view these modern day heroes?

Chart out the last week of Jesus' life 

Summary of the five women mentioned in Matthew's genealogy of Jesus.

Copy in you best handwriting or typing the article portion by Dr. C. Truman Davis, MD about Jesus crucifixion and include it in your portfolio. The statement can be found in Heart of Wisdom "Messiah" unit pg. 775.

Write a summary of what happened in Pompeii. Include pictures.

Table of Contents for this unit for portfolio

Research Graphics and Worksheets:

Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses (Complete the Roman portion at this time. How do the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses compare?)

Culture of the Romans

Culture of the Etruscans

Roman Republic

The Roman Calendar Quiz

Roman Emperor Report

Roman Proverbs

Roman Research Cards

Roman Women and American Women Comparison

Roman Armor

Roman Information Cards

Prophecies and Fulfillment of Christ

Timeline of Christ - Include major events and drawings or pictures

Four Gospels Comparison

Miracles of Jesus'

Parables of Jesus'

Roman Soldier Head Shape Book (Elementary)

Pantheon Shape Book (Elementary)

Roman Male Head Shape Book (Elementary)

Roman Soldier Shape Book (Elementary)

Clothes in Jesus Day worksheet found in Jesus Grows Up by Tracy Leffingwell Harrast

John the Baptist Crossword Puzzle found in Jesus Prepares to Serve by Tracy Leffingwell Harrast

Complete the Apostles Who Am I? Worksheet found in Jesus Prepares to Serve by Tracy Leffingwell Harrast

Use any of the mini-books found in Dinah Zike's New Testament pattern book


Guals, Etruscans, Forum, Romulus and Remus, Pantheon, plebians, patricians, republic, Assembly, Senate, tribunes, Law of the Twelve Tables, Latin League, Punic Wars, Pergamum, Colosseum, Julian calendar, Ides of March, Actium, Princeps, Imperator, Pax Romana, census, Epicureans, Skeptics, synagogues, Septuagint, Messiah, Christ, Gregorian calendar


Complete Fashion Plates for Roman fashions depicting styles of the times. Can download Hadrian paper dolls if prefer.

Art Review of the painting by Titian "Christ before Pilate"

Art Review of the painting by Andrea Mantegna "Dead Christ"

Etruscan painting Review

Scrapbook page on the Titus Arch. Include information summary.

Scrapbook page on the Pantheon

Scrapbook page on the Colosseum

Scrapbook page of the seven wonders of the ancient world

Create a mosaic

Draw a picture of the Last Supper

Scrapbook of the lands of Israel where Jesus walked

Investigate the architecture displayed in Then and Now

Divider page for Rome section of portfolio


The earliest form of the oboe was known in Rome 50 BC. What is the oboe? What makes it special? Write a summary giving information and include a picture of an ancient oboe.

Life Skills:

Discuss and create a mental imagery journey of Mary's trip to Bethlehem. Do the Scriptures ever mention her riding on a donkey? Make a list of story items of Jesus often told at Christmas that isn't supported by Scriptures.




Romans learn the use of soap from the Gauls. What did they do to keep clean before soap, or did they? See what you can find out about the history of soap. Look at Soap History.

Timeline Characters/Events:

Etruscans, Roman Republic, Pyrrhus, Punic Wars, Hannibal, Battle of Zama, Scipio, Antiochus III, Pompey, Julius Caesar, Antony, Octavian, Cleopatra, Pax Romana, Herod, Pontius Pilate, Jesus, the apostles, Flavius Josephus, Hadrian, Ides of March


Read History text on Rome and Jesus and outline chapters

Write out questions in the reviews and answer with complete sentences.

Study ancient Rome and the Life of Jesus.

Read through the customs of Lamps, Scrolls, and Goatskin Bottles


Complete map of Rome, including all land features, early civilizations, and major towns.

Mark the miracles Jesus performed on a Palestine map found in Jesus Heals by Tracy Leffingwell Harrast

Mark a Palestine map with Jesus service found in Jesus Prepares to Serve by Tracy Leffingwell Harrast

Jerusalem map work of Jesus last days found in Jesus' Last Week by Tracy Leffingwell Harrast


List contributions of Rome to the world.

Swaddle a baby doll the way Jesus would have been swaddled under the Jewish custom. Take a picture of the finished product and include a summary card of the purpose and practice of swaddling cloth. What special act was Mary doing for baby Jesus and what did it mean?

Math Enrichment:

Money in Bible Times Worksheet found in Jesus Grows Up by Tracy Leffingwell Harrast

Roman engineering accomplishments - especially the arch. Why does that work? Why was that revolutionary?

Roman numerals - Practice writing and learning these

Games/Physical Education/Other:

Apostle Trivia Game found in Jesus Prepares to Serve by Tracy Leffingwell Harrast

Last Week Trivia Game found in Jesus' Last Week by Tracy Leffingwell Harrast

Culminating Activities:

Test on Rome

Organize Notebook section on Rome (High school level)

Create Lap book (Elementary Level)


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