Ancient Egypt

Bible: Read stories of Joseph and Moses. Compare Egypt of their time frame to the one Joseph and Mary came to when they fled with baby Jesus. Do an Egyptian Bible Scavenger Hunt   

Reading List:

The Egyptian Cinderella retold by Shirley Climo - Vocabulary, Essay, and Tests

Tut's Mummy: Lost and Found! By Judy Donnelly - Vocabulary, Essay, and Tests

Hatshepsut: His Majesty, Herself by Catherine M. Andronik- Vocabulary, Essay, and Tests (divided into two weeks)

The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw (Upper Elementary and Highschool) Essay and Tests for elementary. Highschooler write a narrative.

Mara, Daughter of the Nile by Eloise Jarvis McGraw (highschool) - Write a narrative

Miriam by Beatrice Gormley (Upper Elementary and highschool) - Write a narrative

Growing Up in Ancient Greece by Rosalie David (elementary) - fill in culture graphic to go along with this book           

Resource List:

Abeka History Texts

Konos History of the World

The Timetables of History by Bernard Grun

The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia

The Egyptian News 3000BC-1100BC by Scott Steedman

Pyramids! By Avery Hart and Paul Mantell

Make It Work! Ancient Egypt by Andrew Haslam and Alexandra Parsons

Pyramid by David Macaulay

Then and Now by Stefani Perring and Dominic Perring, sections "Step Pyramid" and "Temple of Karnak 

Stories from Old Egypt by Edward W. and Marguerite P. Dolch

Land of the Pharaohs by Leonard Cottrell

Abusir Tomb by Zahi Hawass, National Geographic Nov 1998

Valley of the Mummies by Donovan Webster, October 1999

The Pyramid Builders by Virginia Morell, National Geographic November 2001

Writing Assignments:

Write an Egyptian newspaper. Include various sections of the paper, using the Egyptian newspaper in resources as an example. Two or three daily papers for this unit is expected with full details.

Biography on Hatshepsut

Biography on Cleopatra

Research paper on the Rosetta Stone. Include picture.

Write summary sheet on Pharaoh film

Write fictional story of an Egyptian orphan who flees to a Hebrew family during the plagues and comes with them during the Exodus.

Write paper on cosmetics and beauty for women in Ancient Egypt. Include a coloring sheet from Dover.

Table of Contents for this unit for portfolio

Research Graphics and Worksheets:

Bible Character sheets on Joseph and Moses

Ten Plagues and Defeat of Egyptian Gods

Egyptian Comparison and Contrast Chart

Egyptian Culture Graphic

News Article Review on National Geographic articles listed in Resources

Cleopatra or Hatshepsut bio summary

Egypt Information Cards

Pharaoh Shape Book (elementary)

Egyptian Princess Shape Book (elementary)

Pyramid Shape Book (elementary)

Ten Plagues Mini-book (elementary)


Egyptian Vocabulary Sheet and Crossword Puzzle

Copts, nomes, pharaohs, Lower Egypt, Upper Egypt, Nile Delta, hieroglyphics, Book of the Dead, necropolis, Rosetta Stone, pyramid, Great Pyramid of Cheops, mummification, Old Kingdom, Great Sphinx, Middle Kingdom, Hyksos, New Kingdom, Septuagint, Suez Canal, Camp David Accords, Six Day War, amulet, canopic jars, cartouche, cataracts, double crown, dynasty, embalm, Ka, mastaba, mummy, natron, obelisk, papyrus, scarab, shaduf, vizier 


Cartouche Pattern - Include a summary statement about cartouches

Falcon Necklace Pattern - Take a picture of plaster of paris necklace and include with a summary statement

Jointed Joseph (elementary)

Hieroglyphics Chart - Include a copy in your portfolio with a summary paper on the development of hieroglyphics.

Complete a sculpture appreciation analysis on Ramses II sculpture

Scrapbook page on the Great Sphinx with a summary statement.

Scrapbook page on the Great Pyramids with a summary statement

Plaster Paris tomb mask - Take picture for portfolio and include a summary statement on tomb masks

Egyptian tomb drawing and painting - Take picture and include summary statement

Egyptian clothing drawing or paper dolls (caution - true to life and unsuitable for some). Include a summary statement about the clothing of this civilization.

Review architecture in Then and Now

Divider page for Egypt section of portfolio  


Investigate musical instruments and use of music in Ancient Egypt. Write a summary. Include your thoughts on what instruments were carried from Egypt by the Israelites when God led them from captivity. Harps, flutes, lyres, and double clarinets were all first developed and played in Egypt.

Create a timberal and play as you recite Miriam's song of deliverance

Take pictures of your timberal and include it with handwritten copy of Miriam's song for portfolio

Play out rhythm on a tamborine or timberal. Long sound made by shimmering. Short ones by quick taps. Play a song.


Pharaohs presented by the Discovery Channel

Timeline Characters/Events:

Menes, Mizraim, Herodutus, Tutankhamen, Khufu, Khafre, Menkaure, King Mentuhotep I, Hyksos invasion, Ahmose I, Thutmose III, Amenhotep II, Ramses II, Hatshepsut, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar el-Sadat, Jean Francois Champollion, Cleopatra, Six-Day War, Camp David Accords, Ptolemy, Alexander the Great, Exodus (ca. 1435 BC), Joseph, Moses      


Read History text on Egypt and outline chapter

Write out questions in review and answer with complete sentences.

Study ancient Egypt to more current history of the country.       


Complete map of Ancient Egypt, including all land features and major towns.


List contributions of Egypt to the world.

Complete Egyptian Science and Technology Sheet

Create a shadulf. Have picture taken of your using the shadulf. Write a summary on the use of the shadulf in Ancient Egypt.

Write manual for mummification. Include step by step guide with pictures to enrich.     

Math Enrichment:

Diagram a pyramid with all of its false chambers. Include information summary about purpose of pyramids and reason for design.

Games/Physical Education/Other:

Play game of Sinet on Internet        

Culminating Activities:

Test on Ancient Egypt (elementary)

Test on Ancient Egypt (upper elementary and High School)

Organize Notebook section on Egypt (High school level)

Create Lap book (Elementary Level)



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