Bible: Investigate all Bible Stories of Africa and Egypt. What names were the countries in this continent called in Scriptures? Who first settled this area from the time of the Flood? Write your findings in a report or graphic of your own design. Also study the stories of Solomon, Queen Sheba, Ethiopian Eunuch, Simeon the Cyrene.

Reading List:

Mary Slessor: Servant to the Slave by Catherine Mackenzie (Upper Elementary and High School) - Write Narrative

The Adventures of the Kerrigan Kids: Painted Warriors and Wild Lions by Gilbert Morris (Elementary) - Write Narrative

Heroes of the Faith: David Livingstone by Sam Wellman - Include information in missionary report

Jambo Means Hello; Swahili Alphabet Book by Muriel and Tom Feeleng (Elementary)

Ashanti to Zula by Margaret Musgrove

Run, Ma, Run by Child Evangelism Fellowship (Elementary)

Only Mosquitos Buzz in Peoples Ears by Verna Aardema (Elementary)

Growing Up Masai by Tom Schactman (Elementary)

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale by John Steptoe - Vocabulary, Essays, and Tests

King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba by Blue Greenberg and Linda Tarry - Vocabulary, Essays, and Tests

Resource List:

Abeka History Texts

The Timetables of History by Bernard Grun

The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia

Multicultural Art Activities from the Cultures of Africa, Asia, and North America by Darlene Ritter

Konos Volume II

The Ashanti of Ghana by Sonia Bleeker

Then and Now by Stefani Perring and Dominic Perring, Section of "Great Zimbabwe

Africa's Wild Dogs by Richard Conniff, National Geographic May 1999

Restoring Madagascar, National Geographic February 1999

Journey to the Heart of the Sahara by Donovan Webster, National Geographic March 1999

African Marriage Rituals by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, National Geographic November 1999

Ancient Art of the Sahara by David Coulson, National Geographic June 1999

Djenne: Eternal City of West Africa by Karen E. Lange, National Geographic June 2001

Kenya's Mzima Spring Comes Alive by Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone, National Geographic November 2001

Swahili Coast: East Africa's Ancient Crossroads by Robert Caputo, National Geographic October 2001

Bushmen by Peter Godwin, National Geographic February 2001

Keepers of the Faith: The Living Legacy of Aksum by Candice S. Millard, National Geographic July 2001

Exteme Africa, Trekking Through the Green Abyss by David Quammen, National Geographic March 2001

Zulus by Peter Godwin, National Geographic August 2000

Writing Assignments:

Write a spider story after reading a few samples

Biography on Jane Goodall

Comparison paper between Tuarego and Zulu. Include pictures drawn by me and colored by you or draw your own.

Research and write a summary on the Ethiopian story of Queen Sheba and King Solomon

Research paper on the apartheid in Africa

Summary paper on Ishmael's descendants in Africa

Summary paper on Ham's sons that settled Africa and the areas they settled.

Develop a plan with what you've learned about Africa to share the Gospel

Summary on what may have caused the Great Rift Valley 

Table of Contents for this unit for portfolio

Research Graphics and Worksheets:

Missionary Report on David Livingstone, Mary Slessor, Robert Moffat, and Henry Stanley

African Tribe Research Sheet - Choose tribe of choice to report on.

Nubian Culture Graphic

Africa Information Cards

Early Christian Leaders of Africa

Early European Explorers in Africa

Bible Character Report on the apostle Mark (the first to spread the Gospel to Africa), King Solomon, Queen of Sheba, Ethiopian Eunuch, Simeon the Cyrene

Article Review of National Geographic articles listed in resources


Dark Continent, Sahara Desert, Kalahari Desert, savannas, Great Rift Valley, Nubia, Ethiopian eunuch, Abyssinia, The White Man's Grave, slave trade, Victoria Falls, apartheid, animism, African National Congress, kapok, malaria, Ashanti, talking drums, kente cloth, jungle, Pygmies, African Sleeping Sickness, tsetse fly, cataracts, taboo, segregation, integration, discrimination, political prisoners, ambush, Afrikaners, Coloureds, Blacks, Berber, Bedouin, Tuareg, nomad, deserts, oasis, mirage, caravan, millet, Zulu, Great Trek


Create an Akua-ba doll. Take picture to include in portfolio and write an information card of place doll holds for the Ashanti.

Make a simulation of Adinkra cloth of the Ashanti. Write summary of use and symbolism on an index card.

Trace your hand 3-4 times around a posterboard, overlapping at some points. Then pain or color the hands with different patters simulating the skin decorations among various African tribes. Include an information card.

Investigate architecture in Then and Now

Complete Egyptian painting of Ancient African Tribesmen

Tuareg coloring sheet

Zulas coloring sheet

Draw African costume designs or color and cutout paper dolls. Include summary statement.

Divider page for African section of portfolio


Investigate Talking Drums - create talking with handmade or manufactured drums

Sing Kum Ba Ya

Copy in your best handwriting or typing the oldest Christian hymn whose author is known called "Shepherd of Tender Youth". Sing the song through two or three times. Music and hymn can be found on the Internet at Shepherd of Tender Youth

Play and/or make rainsticks - Take picture and write summary of what rainsticks were used for.


Out of Africa

Roots - 1st section of the film using parental supervision


Study causes of malaria and cure. What areas of Africa are most affected? What attempts does the African governments make to protect their citizens from this disease?

Timeline Characters/Events:

Painkhi, Ebed-melech, Edesius, Frumentius, Queen of Sheba, Solomon, Ghana Empire, Mali Empire, Mansa Musa, Songhai Empire, Askia the Great, King Ewuare, Kingdom of the Kongo, Haile Selassie I, Nelson Mandela, Jane Goodall


Read History text on Africa and outline chapter

Write out questions in review and answer with complete sentences.

Study ancient Africa to more current history of the country.


Complete map of Africa, including all land features, early civilizations, and major towns.

Draw outline map of Africa and draw in the climate zones. Example can be found in the Konos volume mentioned in resources.

Create map of modern day Africa


Investigate why the Sahara is hot in the day and cold at night.

Research report or shape book report on the camel - Ships of the Desert

Research oasis and how they are formed. What do you think people mean when they talk of their personal "oasis'"

Create an animal book of animals found in the safari.

List contributions of Africa to the world.

Games/Physical Education/Other:


Culminating Activities:

Test on Africa

Organize Notebook section on Africa (High school level)

Create Lap book (Elementary Level)


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