Shawnee Indians

Grade Level: 4th- 7th Grade

Length: 10 weeks


Reason of Study:

The Shawnee was the most famous Indian group of our local area. Their history plays a large part in our personal family history. It is important to realize their contributions to our lives and to respect their history.

Unit's Objectives:

Characters for Timeline:

Tecumseh, Tenskwatawa, Blue Jacket, Black Hoof, Cornstalk, Nika, Puckeshinwa, Methoatske, Chief Logan, Daniel Boone, Mary Engles, Davy Crocket, Lewis and Clark   


Scalp, squaw, tribe, moccasin, warrior, clan, wampum, wigwam, shaman, quillwork, tomahawk, maple syrup, sachem, breechclout, leggings, turban, Shawnee, legend, Algonquian, wilderness, village, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, medicine bag, Star Bridge of Souls, Prophet's Town, Battle of Pt. Pleasant, sacred bundle, sinew, exodus, Battle of Fallen Timbers, cannibalism, warpath, adoption, ancients, tobacco, treaty, Our Grandmother, cradleboard, buckskin, sweat lodge, Truth Bearers, snowshoes, raid, Iroquois, canoe, mocock, chief, dream catchers, shield, Vision Quest, The Three Sisters, jerky, pa-waw-ka, thunderbirds, bow and arrows, lodge, council, Spirit Mask, reservations, Greenville Treaty, war club, unsoma, pictograph, spirit helper, Moon, fruit leather, Delawares, guantlet, savage, roach headdress, travois, Green Corn Dance, Bread Dance, parfleche, silver, Serpent's Poison, Long Knives, Thawikila Sept, Mekoche Sept, Piqua Sept, Kishpoke Sept, mound builders, artifacts, braves, wanderers, Frolic Dance  


Teacher Resource Books:

Student Reference Books:

Living Books:

Audovisual Materials:

Computer Resources and Games:

Field Trip(s):


Throughout the Unit:

Week 1: Geography and Climate

Week 2: Roles and Shelter

Week 3: Clothing

Week 4: Food and Transportation

Week 5: Religion

Week 6: Music and Art

Week 7: Communication and Recreation

Week 8: War and Government

Week 9 - Tracking and Frontiersmen

Week 10 - Shawnee Today

Cumulating Activity:



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