Ancient Egypt


Grade Level: 3rd-6th Grade

Length: 8 weeks

Reason of Study:

The Bible can be better understood when the times and culture of the various periods covered in the Bible is understood. One very important story in the Bible is the story of Joseph. Since he was sold into slavery in Egypt, and yet achieved high status while there, it is good to know some about that setting and the significance that had to Joseph. Moses, too, lived in Egypt as a member of Pharaoh's family. Before he arrived on the scene, the Hebrews had lived in slavery to Egypt for 200 years. They still maintained their faith and their ways, even to the anger and attempts to change them by the Egyptians. To know what all that means is important in understanding the story more intensely and to understand the strength of faith in the Lord.

Unit's Objectives:


The importance of the Nile River
The story of Joseph
The story of Moses
The Pyramids
Ancient Egyptian culture


Pharaoh Nile River Cleopatra
pyramid Sphinx King Tut
slavery Giza senet
mummy gods canopic jar
ka embalm natron
goddesses amulets coffin
portrait mask papyrus hieroglyphs
tomb temple mortar
corridor monument mortuary

Christian Character/Bible:

Christian Character: Faith


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Computer Resources and Games:

Field Trip(s):

Throughout the Unit:


Week 1: Geography

Week 2: Geography

Week 3: Daily Life I

Week 4: Daily Life II

Week 5: Arts and Education

Week 6: Kings and Queens

Week 7: Religion

Week 8: War and Trade

Plan, prepare, and write invitation to share night (Language Arts)

Cumulating Activity:


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