The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System

Name: ________________________ Date: _____________


  1. What is the solar system?

  2. What makes night and day?

  3. Why are spaceships launched with rockets?

  4. What is gravity?

  5. Why do people feel weightless in space?

  6. What makes the moon shine?

  7. Explain the moon's orbit.

  8. What is the sun and how big is it?

  9. How hot is the sun?

  10. Why are Venus's clouds yellow?

  11. Why is it so hot on Venus?

  12. Why does it never rain on Venus?

  13. Why aren't Mar's moons round?

  14. Is there life on Mars?

  15. Why is Mars red?

  16. What are the inner planets?

  17. What are asteroids and what is the asteroid belt?

  18. What is Jupiter's great red spot?

  19. What are Saturn's rings?

  20. Why is Saturn considered the floating planet?

  21. What planet is tipped over?

  22. How long is a year? Do different planets have different
    length of years? Explain.

  23. Is Pluto a real planet?

  24. What is beyond Pluto?

  25. List the planets in order from the sun.