The Magic School Bus On the Ocean Floor

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  1. How much of the earth is covered by water?
  2. Why is the ocean salty?

  3. Where does sand comes from?

  4. What are tides and how are they created?

  5. What makes waves?

  6. What is the continental shelf?

  7. What is a continent? List the seven continents of the

  8. How can fish breathe underwater?

  9. What is a true fish?

  10. List some invertebrates that are called fish sometimes
    that actually aren't?

  11. What is plankton?

  12. How does the sun feed ocean animals?

  13. What are some special things you learned about

  14. Is the ocean floor flat? Why or why not?

  15. Why do plants not grow on the deep ocean floor?

  16. What do ocean floor animals eat?

  17. What causes hot water vents?

  18. How is food made at a vent?

  19. How is a coral reef built?

  20. How does coral polyps eat?

  21. What gives corals their colors?

  22. What are the three kinds of coral reefs?

  23. What kinds of mammals live in the sea?

  24. What are ocean currents?

  25. Why do big waves break near shore?