The Magic School Bus: Inside a Beehive


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  1. What four items do all adult insects have in common?

  2. Are spiders insects? Why or Why not?

  3. How many different kind of bees are there?
  4. Where are the taste buds on butterflies?
  5. How many eyes does a honeybee have altogether?
  6. Why do bees sting?
  7. What happens to a honeybee once it stings?
  8. Bees are social insects. What are social insects?

  9. What do guard bees do?
  10. What do bees eat?
  11. How many flowers do an average bee visit each day?
  12. How do bees help flowers?

  13. How do bees carry pollen back to their hives?

  14. What are pheromones?

  15. What are all the jobs a worker bee does?

  16. What are the three castes in honeybee colony and what are their responsibilities?

  17. How do bees tell one another which way to go and find flowers?
  18. Where does beeswax come from?

  19. How does comb serve the bees?

  20. How do bees make honey?

  21. How many eggs does a queen lay per day?
  22. Who takes care of the baby bee larva?
  23. How are baby bees fed?

  24. How does a female bee turn into a queen bee?
  25. What is metamorphosis?
  26. Why do bees swarm?

  27. What is the nuptial flight for the queen?
  28. What happens when there are more than one queen bee?

  29. What are common raiders of beehives?

  30. What do beekeepers use to calm down bees to get some of their honey?