The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth

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  1. Where do rocks come from?

  2. What are rocks made of?

  3. What are the layers of the earth?

  4. What is soil?

  5. What are the three types of rocks?

  6. How are fossils formed?

  7. How is sedimentary rock formed? What does it feel

  8. How are stalagmites and stalactites formed?

  9. How are metamorphic rocks formed?

  10. How are igneous rocks formed?

  11. What is inside the earth?

  12. What is a volcano?

  13. What are the three types of volcanoes? Draw each of
    them and label them?

  14. What is the lightest rock there is?

  15. How do volcanoes make new land?

  16. Name three examples of metamorphic rock.

  17. Name three examples of igneous rock.

  18. Name three examples of sedimentary rock.