Ashlee's Earth Science Lapbook

  1. Ashlee's cover page was a clipart picture that we found in a teacher's manual I had that we enlarged. Due to its black and white setup, it made for a neat coloring sheet that worked well for the front cover.
  2. When the flaps are opened, you get a peek at all the extensions she placed in this book. The left flap of the book has her vocabulary from this unit. The center has her own shape book design of a volcano with a pull-tab of lava beside a poem she found and liked on the rock cycle. When you open the shape book, she has drawn in the internal parts of a volcano and labeled them. The right flap has a layered flap book of all the layers of the atmosphere. When you lift the label above the layer, she describes what the layer is like and what you might see in that layer.

3. When you lift the top center extension, you see that she developed coins that told the days of creation done in a circular design. The left extension opens up to show more vocabulary words on the left section and a picture of her earth man on the right of that flap. The right extension opens up to show her mini-book of rock investigations she did and a folded up map you open to show Pangaea. She has written on the side facing up information about Pangaea as well.


  1. If you fold the second center extension down, you find another extension on the base. On the back right section, Ashlee took a postcard from our cave exploration and used it as the front cover of a booklet about caves. Below that, she designed her own flip mini-book on the earth layers.
  2. The last flap extension in the center opens up to the right. On this flap, she has a mini-book on Noah's ark. She has written how the Great Flood changed the earth's atmosphere and land. The quilt square booklet discusses different rock types.